Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Discipline Your Psyche - Lesson 3

"    It is my opinion that if we devote our times and attention only to Light's Regions - no matter how idealistic this devotion might be, no matter how appealing-we will defeat the ultimate purpose.  To neglect the understanding of the functions of the psyche is to overlook the needs of the state in which we are now conscious, overlook the steps, the gradations and progress through which we have to pass to attain the Mind level.
    This factor is extremely important to remember, even though it may go against our myths, myths that only lead us deeper into obscuration instead of bringing us into the Light.  We must take the journey to Light's Regions.  So let us get a good road map, in order that we may take that journey with the least number of detours and blind alleys.  Those who have not entered upon the work of functioning (and consciously so) in this process can take all of this work that we are giving here and formulate a good road map, a good intellectual road map which they can hold in reserve until they are ready for the journey.  I do not mean until they think they are ready.  I mean that when the time comes, choosing not to take journey becomes impossible.  When we are motivated by a hunger and a love for Light and truth and perfection that is greater than all other urges, even the urge of the Genetrix, then we are ready."

"The time has not only arrived, but it is past due when we should understand the forces by which we are motivated.  Instead of abstracting mentally, justifying, manufacturing alibis and excuses, etc.  to keep the forces by which we are motivated covered up, we need to explore the psychic world.  I believe that the time has arrived when we should go into the psychic nature and get rid of all that which cannot be used in the higher phases of the evolutionary process, preserving that which can be used to further perfection of the individualized Be-ing"

When we don't want to face our basic needs, there comes about a conflict between our mental idealizations and the motivations to which we succumb.  There arises a serious conflict, and the result of that conflict is a breakdown, a breakdown not of the motivating forces, but a breakdown of the mental structure and organization, a breakdown of the opposition."

"We have synthesized it all and contain the qualities, the gunas, in our consciousness with the multiplicity that becomes One just that One has become many differentiations.  The process is not like a laminated "layer cake" wherein we occupy one plane, one level, and then destroy that one in order to move on to the next, or in order to get on a 'higher' plane or a 'higher' level."

"What is our next step?  To learn how we function in our personality self.  In this school we are asking you, "Do you want it?"  If you want it badly enough, walk three feet." (You don't climb a mountain all at once)

"Pure substance reflects Light's Regions and we live in that reflection when we perfect the steps that lead into full identification with that higher state.  That is the process, the next step in development."

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